Mansfield Hydro Turbines In Continuous Operation


Patented Efficiency-Enhancing Control Algorithm
and Modular Design


Nustreem Patented Efficiency-Enhancing Control Algorithm 

  • Kaplan dual-regulated configuration 
  • Robotic style actuators
  • Self-contained overspeed brake
  • Maintenance contracts available
  • Grease fittings for all lubrication work (no need to take the turbine apart)
  • Can replace horizontally or vertically placed turbines
  • Put into service in 2014

Dual-Regulated Kaplan Design

    • Head Range: 8-40 ft
    • Max Power 250kW
    • Dual-regulated Kaplan
    • Civil light with modular design
    • Efficiency-enhancing control algorithm – optimizes for change in any site condition (increases efficiency curve at the "ends" of the curve)
    • Overspeed shutdown (neat, compact, self-contained and fully adjustable, modern system – no weights and pulleys)
    • Servo style actuators

    Services and Accessories

    • Maintenance contracts
    • Head gates
    • Slide gates
    • Draft tubes Inlet piping/Penstock piping
    • Intake system - Modular Trash racks

    Mansfield Hollow Hydro

    • (500 kw) utilizing 5 turbines has been in operation since 2014
    • 100 kw with 16 ft of head (drop) and 85 cfs (cubic feet per second) flow

    Based on this, for example:

    • 8 ft of head with 85 cfs will produce 50 kw
    • 16 ft of head with 85 cfs will produce 100 kw
    • 32 ft of head with 85 cfs will produce 200 kw
    • 40 ft of head with 85 cfs will product 250 kw (maximum head)

    Lower available flows within this range of head (8-40 feet) will also produce power, but at levels relative to the % of 85 cfs.
    Minimum flow required is approximately 20 cfs.


    Winchendon Hydro

    The Winchendon, Ma, project utilized one (1) BETA turbine constructed at the same time as the Mansfield Hollow Hydro (MHH) units with the same results and status as the MHH project.

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