The Kirby Mill

Powered By Renewables.

Powered By NuSTREEM.

Since 2014, our office and manufacturing facility, located in Mansfield, Connecticut, have been 100% powered by NuSTREEM hydropower turbines.

We invite you to come tour the facility and see them in operation!


About Us

NuSTREEM is an innovative hydroelectric equipment manufacturer based in Mansfield, CT

We are a pioneering hydroelectric equipment manufacturer based in Mansfield, Connecticut. Our founder recognized that future growth in the U.S. small hydropower sector would rely on new, modular, intelligent generation equipment and innovative deployment platforms with minimal environmental impacts.  Building on that insight, NuSTREEM has developed new turbine technology partnered with advanced control technology and an inventive standardized project deployment application.

Our journey began by putting this new technology to work at our headquarters and manufacturing facility at Kirby Mill in 2014. With the installation of our turbines, the facilities have been 100% powered by clean, renewable generation from hydropower. A second turbine installation in Massachusetts was also brought online in 2014. NuSTREEM now seeks to expand its reach and increase deployments across the Northeast and throughout the country. Our technologies not only open up sites for new small hydropower projects, but can also be used at existing projects, large and small, to reduce outages and increase the efficiency and output of the facility.

Our team believes in our products, not only in their ability to make an economic difference to our customers, but also in their ability to be at least a partial answer to the responsible power-generation needs of our community and our world. We provide an extremely efficient machine to extract clean energy from a renewable resource with minimal impact to the environment.

Not only are we passionate about renewable energy, and the benefits hydropower may provide, it gives us great satisfaction to work with small hydropower systems -- whether they be associated with an irrigation district, old mill/old mine, remote community, or some other location, endeavor or project. Regardless of how you refer to the products we provide to your independent hydro plant or run of the river hydropower system, i.e., "water turbine generators," "hydroelectric generators," "hydro generators," or "hydroelectric turbine generators," we have the solution to meet your particular needs.

Vision & Mission

Climate change, and the need to reduce carbon emissions, is the pressing environmental issue of our time. NuSTREEM believes hydropower has a significant role to play in meeting our nation’s clean energy and climate goals with significant growth opportunities. Advances in technology now allow for a new generation of small hydropower projects previously untapped as well as increased generation at existing facilities.

Our mission is two-fold:

1) To increase the economic feasibility of new, sustainable, small hydropower development.

2) To improve the efficiency of existing hydropower projects, both large and small.

Our Technology

NuSTREEM produces modular, standardized, digital, continuously-optimizing and easily-maintainable hydropower equipment and project platform design concepts. Our innovative products and equipment eliminate the need for a dam, offer a decentralized generation capability, and incur minimal environmental impact, with low setup and procurement costs.

NuTECH™ Controller - optimizes turbine performance with any change in conditions, such as water level and flow variability, turbine wear, blockages, and more. Recent testing has shown up to a 20% improvement in power generation.

NuTURBINE™ - a modular, low-head design for projects 75kW to 250kW depending on site needs that can also be combined to fit much larger site requirements.

NuCONTAINER™ - a standardized design utilizing ISO shipping containers, including the NuTURBINE, to provide a modular pre-built system that minimizes installation and site costs.


Our Team

Andy Sadlon

Andy Sadlon, NuSTREEM’s CEO, has worked in the field of manufacturing of highly engineered products throughout his career. The last thirty years in general management positions. Originally a systems designer, he has had specific experience in development as well as operations and sales. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola College. His career has been primarily concerning recovering distraught companies or increasing the size of smaller companies. His main strengths include building excellent high-performance teams while keeping a tight focus on customer relationships and enterprise financial strength. Andy has lead NuSTREEM’s growth through the last three years while becoming immersed in the Hydro Industry.

Andy is the proud grandfather of 5 and feels a responsibility for their future. He is therefore happy and proud that clean and renewable energy is a focus for NuSTREEM.

Juliann Blanford
General Manager

Juliann Blanford has twelve years of experience in various industries and now works as NuSTREEM's General Manager. Her roots are in financial consulting, having worked for Ernst and Young, a “big four” public accounting firm. She has also worked across various manufacturing and startup enterprises including as the CEO for a startup in the fashion industry. Her most recent employment was working beside Mr. Sadlon within the same Private Equity group for a company manufacturing dynamometers for the world’s aerospace and automotive customers. Ms. Blanford worked as the deputy CEO, managing day-to-day operations with a focus on sales and marketing.

When not at work, Juliann enjoys walking 18, hanging with family and friends, watching the latest Netflix Stand up special and exploring New England.


Kevin Polak
Mechanical Design Engineer

Kevin Polak, NuSTREEM’s Mechanical Design Engineer, previously owned and operated his own design and machining business for over twenty years. Prior to starting that business, he worked in engineering management and design roles for various commercial and aerospace manufacturing companies. He has a variety of design and manufacturing operations skills having honed his talents in a constantly changing and dynamic service capacity assisting a wide variety of industries and products. Kevin has been providing design and manufacturing support for NuSTREEM’s products throughout the last 2 years.




Tim Chiocchio
Senior System Application Engineer

Tim Chiocchio works as NuSTREEM's Senior System Application Engineer. After receiving a Masters of Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power Systems Mr. Chiocchio has spent the last thirteen years working in systems engineering in various applications from wood processing to design of naval power systems. His roles have been in the areas of software development, system requirements specification, subcontractor management, and system test and demonstration. At NuSTREEM Tim is the lead for the NuTECH Controller and its patented optimization algorithm.


Tony Giambattista
Supervisor of Assembly

Tony Giambattista, NuSTREEM's Supervisor of Assembly, works closely with the engineering team on the development and production of our turbine technologies. He has been working in the assembly and manufacturing space for over 26 years, with specialization in electronic/computer diagnostics, mechanical diagnosis and repair, and electronic control systems. Having previously held positions such as Lead Repair Technician, Shop Foreman, Production Manager, and Chief Engineer, Tony is well versed in the problem solving, team management, and leadership skills the mechanical and hydraulic repair industry requires.

When not at work, Tony liked to balance his time with many side hobbies, including bee-keeping and martial arts.

Mitch Hekstra
Manufacturing Planner

Mitch Hekstra, NuSTREEM's Manufacturing Planner, deals with purchasing, scheduling, and logistics of the manufacturing side of NuSTREEM. Mitch has been with NuSTREEM since 2019. He serves as the first point of contact for vendors and material suppliers and considers those relationships the most important to the company.

Mitch is the on-site espresso expert for NuSTREEM and enjoys bird-watching, video games, philosophy, astronomy & space, music, robotics & engineering, computers & coding, and just about everything else in existence. New to Connecticut, Mitch hails from America's high-five and previously worked in the Los Angeles film industry as a camera technician.

Bryant Miller
Production Floor Lead

Bryant Miller, NuSTREEM's Production Floor Supervisor, oversees assembly and is primarily concerned with keeping the production line operational while maintaining the ongoing production of the end product. He serves as the first-line in troubleshooting of equipment and processes within the manufacturing facility located at the Kirby Mill. With a strong DIY ethic and attention to detail, Bryant ensures NuSTREEM's production processes run smoothly.

A Mansfield native with strong ties to the Kirby Mill, Bryant found a strong connection with NuSTREEM as it coincided with his humanitarian and environmentalist values. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his cat and playing music.

Katie Hooper
Office Manager

Katie Hooper, NuSTREEM's Office Manager, is responsible for all office procedures and ensures smooth operations in the busy work environment. She assists in the development and implementation of policies and procedures, manages and oversees Human Resources, handles purchasing, financials, and many other essential areas. Katie keeps the team coordinated and on track for each departments success.

A lifelong resident of New England, and Mansfield CT local, Katie knows the area and has deep roots in the community, making her an invaluable member to the NuSTREEM team. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to Maine, walking her dog Moose, and spending time with her family.

Emily Robertson
Marketing Coordinator

Emily Robertson, NuSTREEM's Marketing Coordinator, oversees all marketing initiatives relating to NuSTREEM and its brand. With five years experience in strategic communications and marketing, she works to positively build NuSTREEM's brand image among customers and within the industry, balancing public relations, conferences & events, social media, digital, and physical marketing programs.

A recent graduate of the UConn School of Business, she has taken her classroom and practical experience and applied it in new ways to build NuSTREEM's branded appearance. Working from Austin, Texas, in her free time she enjoys finding the best places to eat and exploring her new city.

Kathy Bielert
Technical Sales Manager

Kathy Bielert, NuSTREEM's Technical Sales Manager has over 30 years experience working with rotating equipment in Mechanical Design Engineering and Technical Sales.  She has worked as a mechanical design engineer involved in the design and testing of rotating equipment.  She has also worked in technical sales, specializing in complex jobs with a high level of specifications.

In her free time she enjoys judging and coaching women's gymnastics and spending time with her family.



Uniquely Qualified Design Team

NuSTREEM’s hydropower products were conceived and originally designed by an extraordinarily successful team of machine designers from the aerospace industry. Having been entrenched in designing machines that must work without fail and with super high efficiency, they brought the ultra-modern world to hydro equipment design. On staff mechanical and electrical engineers provide the NuSTREEM team with years of technical & machining experience.

Manufacturability As A Focus

The design team focused on finding US based vendors using common tools and equipment, thereby allowing us to deliver hydroelectric power equipment rapidly and bypass the difficulty caused by having a few rare nondomestic vendors capable of sourcing parts. The entire design was conceived using common parts, common sourcing, common fabrication methods, common assembly equipment and ease of movement for the logistics of delivery.

Long Term Support & Improvement

All the key attributes of our products were designed and conceived within our company, we enjoy continued long term control of the product and its evolution. This eliminates the need to go back to the original designer, or source, if the product is scaled or evolves and adapts to other applications. We also offer rapidly deployed field support service so we can be on the ground, any where in the world to support your needs.

Organizational Memberships

NuSTREEM is a proud member of the following industry organizations