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NuSTREEM is an innovative hydroelectric equipment manufacturer

The founder recognized that growth in the US small hydropower sector would rely on modular and intelligent generation equipment and innovative deployment platforms. Building on that insight, NuSTREEM developed turbine technology partnered with advanced control technology and an inventive standardized project deployment application. Today we offer modern, proven small hydro units that use tested, patented intelligence to optimize performance. Our technology provides a renewable & non-dam-powered way to tap into energy resources within existing waterways – providing a modern solution for our carbon free energy future.

The journey began by putting this new technology to work at the original headquarters and manufacturing facility at the Kirby Mill in 2014. With the installation of our turbines, the facilities have been 100% powered by clean, renewable, and reliable generation from hydropower. Our technologies and rugged and adaptable and are suited for many different types of site applications. Their modularity and ease of installation not only open up sites for new small hydropower projects, but can also be used at existing projects, large and small, to reduce outages and increase the efficiency and output of the facility.

NuSTREEM believes in our products, not only in their ability to make an economic difference to our customers, but also in their ability to be at least a partial answer to the responsible power-generation needs of our community and our world. As an answer to the decentralized generation trend - we provide an extremely efficient machine to extract clean energy from a renewable resource with minimal impact to the environment.

Not only are we passionate about renewable energy, and the benefits hydropower may provide, it gives us great satisfaction to work with small hydropower systems -- whether they be associated with an irrigation district, old mill/old mine, remote community, or some other location, endeavor or project. Regardless of how you refer to the products we provide to your independent hydro plant or run of the river hydropower system, i.e., "water turbine generators," "hydroelectric generators," "hydro generators," or "hydroelectric turbine generators," we have the solution to meet your particular needs.

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Climate change, and the need to reduce carbon emissions, is the pressing environmental issue of our time. NuSTREEM believes hydropower has a significant role to play in meeting our nation’s clean energy and climate goals with significant growth opportunities. Advances in technology now allow for a new generation of hydropower projects previously untapped as well as increased generation at existing facilities.

Our mission is two-fold:

1) To increase the economic feasibility of new, sustainable, hydropower development.

2) To improve the efficiency of existing hydropower projects, both large and small.


Founded in 2014, NuSTREEM has a unique & proven approach to hydropower

Uniquely Qualified Design Team

NuSTREEM’s hydropower products were conceived and originally designed by an extraordinarily successful team of machine designers from the aerospace industry. Having been entrenched in designing machines that must work without fail and with super high efficiency, they brought the ultra-modern world to hydro equipment design. On staff mechanical and electrical engineers provide the NuSTREEM team with years of technical & machining experience.

Designed, Sourced, & Made in the USA

The founder and original designer had the ambition to source materials and manufacture the technology within a reasonable driving distance, therefore included “US and local” as a standard in the design. There are no specialized processes or unique manufacturing tools necessary in the design of our products that require specific or unique vendors. We manufacture using conventional means, thereby allowing any reputable high quality, high-performance vendor to have the capability to support our requirements.

Manufacturability As A Focus

The design team focused on finding US based vendors using common tools and equipment, thereby allowing us to deliver hydroelectric power equipment rapidly and bypass the difficulty caused by having a few rare nondomestic vendors capable of sourcing parts. The entire design was conceived using common parts, common sourcing, common fabrication methods, common assembly equipment and ease of movement for the logistics of delivery.

Long Term Support & Improvement

All the key attributes of our products were designed and conceived within our company, we enjoy continued long term control of the product and its evolution. This eliminates the need to go back to the original designer, or source, if the product is scaled or evolves and adapts to other applications. We also offer rapidly deployed field support service so we can be on the ground, any where in the world to support your needs.

Proven Hydro Turbine Design

Our founder spent 10 years designing and proving the reliability of a modular approach to a standard designed family of low head, high flow turbines based on a dual regulated Kaplan design. In 2014, we completed two projects, a 500-kilowatt (kW) project in Connecticut and a 100 kW project in Massachusetts, both of which have been successfully running ever since. With hundreds of thousands of hours of run time on our units, we have a proven design to meet the demands for modular and intelligent turbines.

Small Hydro, Big Network

NuSTREEM is owned within a platform of strong global companies specialized in high-tech engineering and manufacturing. With manufacturing space in Connecticut, Michigan, and England, we’re capable of handling the simplest to the most complex projects. We remain actively engaged in the hydropower industry through partnerships and networking. Since we specialize in manufacturing, we team up with large integrators and engineering houses for their civil and regulatory expertise. As a team, we can provide water-to- wire solutions for minimum flow sites, irrigation districts, and retrofitting existing sites, among other applications.

Project Savings and Better ROI

Our products offer economic efficiencies with both installation and management, allowing for broader use at a lower cost than most industry benchmarks. The hydropower technology system and platform deployment we've developed allows customers to bypass many of the costly and time-consuming geotechnical and civil efforts that traditional hydropower site development requires.

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