We are a strong, dedicated team with a passion for finding innovative solutions for the worlds renewable energy crisis. Read about each team member in their bio below.
Andy Sadlon

Andy Sadlon, NuSTREEM’s CEO, has worked in the field of manufacturing highly engineered products throughout his career with the last thirty years having a focus in general management positions. Originally a systems designer, he has had specific experience in development as well as operations and sales. Andy earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola College. His career has been primarily concerning recovering distraught companies or powering the growth of smaller companies. His main strengths include building excellent high-performance teams while keeping a tight focus on customer relationships and enterprise financial strength. Andy has lead NuSTREEM’s growth through the last three years while becoming immersed in the hydropower industry. Andy is the proud grandfather of five grandchildren and feels a responsibility for their future. He uses this passion to drive his work at NuSTREEM and their endeavors in the hydropower and renewable energy industries.

Juliann Blanford

Juliann Blanford has many years of experience in financial consulting, sales, and marketing, and now works as NuSTREEM's General Manager. Her roots are in financial consulting, having worked for Ernst and Young, a “big four” public accounting firm. She has also spent time across various manufacturing and startup enterprises. One of her most interesting roles was as the CEO for a startup in the fashion industry. Juliann's most recent employment was working beside Mr. Sadlon within the same Private Equity group for a company manufacturing dynamometers for the world’s aerospace and automotive customers. Ms. Blanford worked as the deputy CEO, managing day-to-day operations with a focus on sales and marketing.

Juliann was recently elected into multiple positions within hydropower industry organizations:

When not at work, Juliann enjoys taking outdoor walks, spending time with family and friends, watching the latest Netflix stand up specials, and exploring New England.


Kevin Polak

Kevin Polak, NuSTREEM’s Mechanical Design Engineer, previously owned and operated his own design and machining business and brings over 35 years of experience to the team. Prior to starting his own business, he worked in engineering management and design roles for various commercial and aerospace manufacturing companies. He has a variety of design and manufacturing operations skills having honed his talents in a constantly changing and dynamic service capacity assisting a wide variety of industries and products. Kevin has been providing design and manufacturing support for NuSTREEM’s products throughout the last 2 years.




Tony Giambattista

Tony Giambattista, NuSTREEM's Supervisor of Assembly, works closely with the engineering team on the development and production of our turbine technologies. He has been working in the assembly and manufacturing space for over 26 years, with specialization in electronic/computer diagnostics, mechanical diagnosis and repair, and electronic control systems. Having previously held positions such as Lead Repair Technician, Shop Foreman, Production Manager, and Chief Engineer, Tony is well versed in the problem solving, team management, and leadership skills the mechanical and hydraulic repair industry requires.

Katie Hooper

Katie Hooper, NuSTREEM's Office Manager, is responsible for all office procedures and ensures smooth operations in the busy work environment. She assists in the development and implementation of policies and procedures, manages and oversees Human Resources, handles purchasing, financials, and many other essential areas. Katie keeps the team coordinated and on track for each departments success.

A lifelong resident of New England, and Mansfield CT local, Katie knows the area and has deep roots in the community, making her an invaluable member to the NuSTREEM team. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to Maine, walking her dog Moose, and spending time with her family.

Kathy Bielert

Kathy Bielert, NuSTREEM's Technical Sales Manager has over 30 years experience working with rotating equipment in Mechanical Design Engineering and Technical Sales.  She has worked as a mechanical design engineer involved in the design and testing of rotating equipment.  She has also worked in technical sales, specializing in complex jobs with a high level of specifications.

In her free time she enjoys judging and coaching women's gymnastics and spending time with her family.


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