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As a northeast based manufacturing company, NuSTREEM is located in a historic “New England Mill,” called The Kirby Mill (Mansfield, Connecticut). Originally built in 1882 and purposed for textiles, the mill has since changed hands and is home to our headquarters and manufacturing floor. We focus on final hydropower equipment assembly and testing; however, we also have machining, welding, and paint capability, as well as other support facilities and equipment. The mill is fully powered by our onsite turbines. We take full advantage of our local manufacturing capability, as Connecticut is known to have extensive manufacturing resources due to our aerospace, submarine, and defense industries. Being within five miles of the University of Connecticut, we have easy access to a wealth of talent and capability.

NuSTREEM is proud to offer our products globally, while taking a main focus on the North America hydropower industry. We invite anyone interested in seeing our New England facility, completely powered by our hydro turbine generators, to contact us to schedule a tour (in person or virtual)!