A modern, standardized, modular dual-regulated Kaplan design. We manufacture a contemporary & intelligent design with electronically controlled, motor drive actuated wicket gates and runner blades.

Although its basis is founded in the tried-and- true Kaplan style turbine, NuSTREEM has a patented design variant that can take full advantage of current electronics technology and intelligent control capabilities.

The NuTURBINE is designed as a highly modular system component with the intention of delivery on a single skid with connection points. Our ambition is to provide a simple point- to-point connection guide for ease of installation, simplicity, and low cost. The NuTURBINE is fully operational as delivered, without any further mount or calibration.



NuTECH Controller
The NuTECH Controller upgrades the performance of dual regulated turbines by using transformative technology proven to significantly increase efficiency. The NuTECH Controller relies on a new to industry control algorithm that optimizes performance, efficiency and reliability.
The NuTECH Controller is available as a complete control system when delivered with NuSTREEM’s NuTURBINE. As a standalone product the NuTECH Controller is intended to be fielded as a controls systems add-on that interfaces via a standard communications protocol to a pre-existing plant control. This approach minimizes installation effort and time as well as risk to the safety of the equipment.
Our efficiency-enhancing control algorithm optimizes your turbines performance with any change in conditions, including flow variability, water levels, wear on turbines, blockages, and more. Our patented algorithm has seen up to a 20% increase in efficiency.


nucontainer triple turbine
The NuCONTAINER system is a new, novel approach to hydro site construction. Increasing modularity provides building blocks that can standardize setup and execution thereby simplifying and reducing costs of the systems.
The modular NuCONTAINER system makes the conventional custom designed small hydro approach a thing of the past. A prefabricated standard shipping container is used in place of a classic powerhouse, a solution that would substantially reduce foundational requirements, the extent of the civil design and the resultant onsite construction.
Using this approach, new small hydro sites can be developed as attractive options in creating clean energy while also making economic sense.  It is a proven, off the shelf, available structure that is inexpensive, easily transportable, and readily available. Almost anywhere small hydro is desired, both independent micro grid or as part of a larger grid applied system, a modular system could be installed: irrigation districts, mining facilities, rivers and canals, existing mills, conduits and factory sites.  Anywhere there is moving water with a change in elevation, there is a possibility to use a modular hydropower solution.

The complete hydropower package, delivered

Our hydropower // hydroelectric equipment is designed to be non-invasive and require only a short installation period. All wiring and testing are done prior to delivery and technology is packaged & delivered ready to be installed. We quickly deliver modular, intelligent, highly efficient equipment that has been proving its reliability for over 6 years.

We provide all items necessary for project success:

  • Induction Generator

  • Belt Drive

  • Motor Drive Runner Position Actuation

  • Wicket Position Actuation

  • Standard Sensor Package (Generator bearing & stator RTD's / Turbine RTD & Vibration Combo Sensors)

  • System Mount / Base

  • Documentation Concerning Interface and Installation Instructions

  • On Call Field Support

  • Penstock & Draft Tube

  • Electrical Accessories