Turbines In Continuous Operation

islanded community hydro

Patented Efficiency-Enhancing Control Algorithm
and Modular Design

environmentally friendly hydro

Nustreem Patented Efficiency-Enhancing Control Algorithm 

  • Kaplan dual-regulated configuration 
  • Robotic style actuators
  • Self-contained overspeed brake
  • Maintenance contracts available
  • Grease fittings for all lubrication work (no need to take the turbine apart)
  • Can replace horizontally or vertically placed turbines
  • Put into service in 2014
smart hydro

Dual-Regulated Kaplan Design

    • Head Range: 8-40 ft
    • Max Power 250kW
    • Dual-regulated Kaplan
    • Civil light with modular design
    • Efficiency-enhancing control algorithm – optimizes for change in any site condition (increases efficiency curve at the "ends" of the curve)
    • Overspeed shutdown (neat, compact, self-contained and fully adjustable, modern system – no weights and pulleys)
    • Servo style actuators
    standard hydro

    Services and Accessories

    • Maintenance contracts
    • Head gates
    • Slide gates
    • Draft tubes Inlet piping/Penstock piping
    • Intake system - Modular Trash racks
    efficient hydro power

    Nustreem Turbines

    • (500 kw) utilizing 5 turbines 
    • 100 kw with 16 ft of head (drop) and 85 cfs (cubic feet per second) flow

    Based on this, for example:

    • 8 ft of head with 85 cfs will produce 50 kw
    • 16 ft of head with 85 cfs will produce 100 kw
    • 32 ft of head with 85 cfs will produce 200 kw
    • 40 ft of head with 85 cfs will product 250 kw (maximum head)

    Lower available flows within this range of head (8-40 feet) will also produce power, but at levels relative to the % of 85 cfs.
    Minimum flow required is approximately 20 cfs.

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