The generator can be sized from 75kW to 250kW depending on site needs. Combine sizes to fit site requirements.

  • FLOW

    Low water flow conditions suggest the use of a single turbine that can produce energy from as little as 15 cfs. Max flow is 85 cfs.

  • SIZE

    Mounting footprint: 88" x 95". Installation height: 84". Weight: 8400lbs. For more details, please contact us to request technical drawings.

  • HEAD

    The turbine is designed for a head range of 8-40 feet.

NuTURBINE's In Continuous Operation:

Image Installed NuTURBINE at Hydro Site

When considering the total cost of ownership of an asset, our NuTURBINE is a clear hydropower industry leader. NuSTREEM uses manufacturing techniques that focus on reliability and longevity of our hydro turbine. Our engineers have built in modularity for ease of installation. Our environmentally friendly solution makes the NuTURBINE a triple bottom line winner.

  • Innovative solution for remote communities, irrigation districts, mining, and independent power providers
  • Skid mounted, simple point- to-point connection guide for ease of installation
  • Lubrication system is water quality sensitive and uses Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
  • Designed by a skilled team of machine designers with an increased focus on longevity and ease of maintenance
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