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NuStreem NuTECH Controller

NuTECH™ Controller by NuSTREEM™


Improve Efficiency at Your Site

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The NuTECH™ Controller measures for optimal output continuously regardless of any potential variable and is the brains behind our reliable and efficient NuSTREEM™ dual-regulated Kaplan turbine. After extensive research, testing and operation, we decided the results are too good to keep to ourselves.

Nustreem optimizes turbine performance

Proven Efficiency

Our efficiency-enhancing control algorithm optimizes your turbines performance with any change in conditions, including flow variability, water levels, wear on turbines, blockages, and more. Our patented algorithm has seen up to a 20% increase in efficiency. Given these efficiency gains, our NuTECH™ Controller provides the best ROI in the industry. To learn the details about our proven efficiency, read the NuTECH™ Controller ⇒ CASE STUDY.

Nustreem Nutech Controller

Fast Installation

The NuTECH™ Controller sits on top of your existing PLC so that we can leverage you current architecture. Installations are plug and play, so your facility will experience little to no operational downtime. Our reliable system won't compromise on safety, efficiency or control.


Real Time Optimization

With the NuTECH™ Controller, hiring expensive consultants to create CAM curves is a thing of the past. The NuTECH™ Controller offers cost-effective intelligence and measures for optimal output continuously regardless of any potential variable, such as: 

  • Water levels
  • Water impurities
  • Wear on turbines
  • Blockages
  • High-flow variability

Read the NuTECH™ Controller CASE STUDY

SEEKING Pilot Participants

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